Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Gobs of Corn Syrup

Well, well, well

I saw an interesting ad the other day. A lady and her fellow are relaxing on the grass having a picnic. She offers him 1 red popsicle and he say's "I thought you loved me?" and she say's "What?" He say's doesn't that popsicle contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and she say's "So?" and he say's "isn't that stuff bad for you?" and he seems a bit puzzled as to why. She tells him that "A little bit is safe for you, it's just a popsicle" or something to that effect.

This certainly points out the general confusion and misinformation on HFCS, but it does so in a way that play's on our fear of being "Paranoid" or different. HFCS, it's safe, right? NOT AT ALL, Don't be fooled. Here is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Mercola. I have actually read on this further and they are working hard over in Australlia to ban this stuff. Here is the excerpt

"Part of what makes HFCS such an unhealthy product is that it is metabolized to fat in your body far more rapidly than any other sugar, and, because most fructose is consumed in liquid form, its negative metabolic effects are significantly magnified.
Whereas the glucose in other sugars is used by your body, and is converted to blood glucose, fructose is a relatively unregulated source of fuel that your liver converts to fat and cholesterol."

Here is a link to this article:

Don't be fooled.

~Strawberry Girl


Clone.Girl. said...

I've been wondering about that for awhile. I saw one of those commercials, and I got very confused. Thanks for straightning that out. =)

Strawberry Girl said...

Thank's for your comments Clone girl. I've visited your blog, but can't figure out how to follow it or leave a comment. Nice to meet you anyway.

~Strawberry Girl