Monday, September 15, 2008

Having a good day!!

Wow, I feel so healthy today!!

It is ironic I guess that I feel so good, when there are so many terrible things happening today. The stock market is going crazy and it leads me to think again about what the smartest thing to do with your money is.

I think that people need to value more that which is life sustaining and that which leads to happiness. At the least a family should have a bit of land, they should make their home comfortable, but shouldn't get caught up trying to beat out the neighbors. Right now we are renting and fortunately our duplex is on a large plot. So I am trying to make use of what we have by planting a garden and utilizing the space inside to the best of my ability. I feel healthy because what I eat is absolutely uncompromising in the quality of the ingredients. That is best you know, to choose the best and stay completely away from junk.

Then after establishing where you are I think it is important to recognize and work towards where you need to be. I know that opportunities await those who are prepared to work hard for them.

I love the book The Richest Man in Babylon. The central ideal of the book is to save 10% of all you earn to be invested with people who know what they are doing. I think that despite what is happening with the housing market today, people should be investing in real property. Where everyone has gone wrong is that they bought without any money, bought too much and spent too much fixing up there property. You should work hard, save and then invest in my opinion.

I found out that it is ridiculous to spend almost any money on clothes because other people buy so many and then sell them at yard sales or give them away. I also know that not only is it cheaper to cook everything at home, but it is also more enjoyable and delicious.

That's my two cents worth for today

~Strawberry Girl

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