Monday, September 22, 2008

I Can RUN!!!

Imagine the kid running in the back of the crowd in school, panting, wheezing, lungs on fire after 10 steps, that was me, it was pathetic.

Today, I have made a breakthrough!! I never thought it would be possible, I ran for 10 minutes straight!!! I think I could have ran longer but I wanted to cool down before I got home. It is a miricle!! My lungs did not burn, my head did not ache, my muscles responded and worked instead of ceasing up. FOOD IS EVERYTHING to your health!! The greatest truth I have found, besides God, is that the food you eat will determine how healthy you are. I don't mean that your "not sick," I mean how well your body will function. I wish my family would "get it," but they don't. It is probably the greatest source of contention (besides money) in my life right now. People say, well eating a treat now and then won't hurt you. Yes it will, it absolutely will, but your body will recover better if you eat mostly diet free of processed foods and high in raw veggies (and a bit of fruit). Does this make me sound fanatical? I know it does, so I don't go around espousing my view to everyone, I usually only talk about it to those who "get it."
I allow people to believe the "little bit" of bad view, because they don't want to believe otherwise and I don't think that you should push your view point on anyone. It is a bit irritating though because I feel so good. I say "Break off The Shakles," almost everything that I ate before was bad for me. Sad, but what can I say.

Anyhow, now for something amusing. Today I saw some ducks at the river, it was funny how they would totally invert themselves somehow paddling with their head down in the water, looking for minnows. Ducks are definantly talented creatures. Also amusing it my attempt at guacamole today. Man, the recipe looks easy, I don't know what I did wrong but my guacamole tasted strange. I am definantly going to have to do a major internet search on guacamole recipes and try and work it out right. I ate my strange guacamole anyway, because I had some blue corn chips that were begging for something to dip them in. (Yes blue corn chips are relatively healthy, or I wouldn't eat them right?)Ah well, next time.

That's all for now,

~Strawberry Girl

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