Monday, September 22, 2008

Life, enjoyable life!!

I guess that my last post sounded a bit harsh, with my opinion of junk food. Don't think I don't eat sweets or good food. To the contrary, I get to eat absolutely the best food in the world. Let me expound on that:

Last night I ate delicious Muligatawny soup, for a snack I had some tortilla chips with cream cheese type cultured Macadamia nut pulp. For a salad earlier I had a spring lettuce mix with sunflower sprouts and a sweet coconut vinegar dressing, yummy.

Tonight I had roasted free range chicken with steamed veggies covered with the yummiest butter from a pasture raised cow (it is chock full of good omega 3's and CLA's). In fact I get to enjoy this butter whenever I feel like it because I know it is good for me. For dessert I had a decadent Xocai chocolate nugget.

I get to enjoy the outdoors, now that my body feels happy to be there. Everyday I look off to the mountains, they are so beautiful. Rich verdant green mountains in front of a purplish red one. I can see clear back into them and imagine that I am walking among them. The river as I walk is soothing, rushing over rocky barriers, splashing and roaring over the waterfalls. Yet I am aware of the pollution in the river, I cringe to see the murk gathering behind rocky barriers and debris all along the trail and in the river. Plus there is the ever present graffiti along on anything big enough to write on. Also my soul cry's when I see someone sitting on the side of the trail, looking lost, dazed, ill. My spirit is revived when I see animals and wildlife. There is a big population of quail that call the river trail home. Plus there are usually ducks, and mud dobbers along the bridges. One day there was this dog, happiest creature in the world for he had gotten loose and was free (for the time being). He loped along, running, running, dashing in the water. Back and forth going up to friendly people and then dashing off before they could touch him. Then also there is the sound of the wind. How reviving it is to feel it rushing over you, blowing all of your cares away. Rustling the leaves, cleaning the air. Man, how I missed so much when I was eating an unhealthy diet (plus foods that I had an allergy to). I want to cry over how much I have missed. Every year we go up to a family reunion in the mountains. One year we got clear up to this beautiful verdant valley, and all I could do was sit there, tense, with a ringing in my ears that wouldn't go away (I never thought that it would go away, but it has, HA doctors). I wanted so badly to relax, man that was sad. Then there were the trips that we would take to the sand dunes, beautiful, I couldn't take too much of it, I would end up in the car. I remember laying out with my dad and my cousins. My dad was explaining the stars to us, I remember being so frustrated because I couldn't follow what he was saying and everyone else seemed to be getting it. Then there were the hikes that we have gone on, I couldn't make it very far without being exhausted and I had to sit down, how sad, so very sad. I never, ever, ever want to feel that way again. I wish I could give someone that feels like that 10 minutes of how I feel today, just so that they might believe me when I tell them that what they eat is vitally important. Man, life can be so good and enjoyable. That's what I would like to say (although I sometimes get in a prosaic mood and whatever I say, no matter what, comes out preachy and self righteous, grrr.)

Goodnight to you all,

~Strawberry Girl

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Clone.Girl. said...

Food is so important, I eat fastfood once a year if that. I read this book and it really made me open my eyes and take a look at what I eat (the book is "Everything you didn't want to know about fastfood") I'm now a vegetarian (I do get protein from nuts and drinks) because I don't agree with the way the kill/treat animals. I've also tried to convince my parents to buy organic (they aren't too eager to cough up the dough) and I think a few times before biting into a chip. I know I'm not as healthy as I could be, but we all can take a step in the right direction for a healthier America.

I wish I could live by mountains, at least I have beaches. =)