Friday, October 3, 2008

The Complexities of Life

Man, I feel like I have missed something and I am running to try to catch up. The problem is that I am not sure "what" exactly I missed and how I can "catch" up.

Here is the problem. I graduated from college with a degree in accounting. I took economic, accounting (of course), taxes, history, philosophy courses. But I feel like I know way too little about these subjects, as well as geography which I remember only briefly studying in the fourth grade. I don't understand what is happening in other countries and what little I do understand about what is happening in this country has left me baffled about what to do. As well as the general public which probably dosen't understand as well.

There is one thing I know. I hate being beholden to others and I hate being scammed. I wish that this life was as straightforward as what it used to be. You used to be able to work and have what you did pay off for you. Here is the scenario that we face now, you work and save and put your money in the bank. Some policy makers in Washington pass legislation that either taxes you or they increase the currency (by asking for money we don't have and then printing it off without something to back it up), so by increasing the currency that decreases the value of the money you earned. Or you work and don't save, you spend your money on whatever pleases your fancy, you get into debt and effectively put yourself into bondage. Here is also what is happening, you have very little choice as to what job you want to do. Here are the jobs that I know of right off the bat, store clerk, store manager, fast food worker, fast food manager, office employee, office manager, nurse, doctor, electritian, plumber, carpet cleaner (and other services), massage therapist, medical transcriptionist, small business owner. There are a few creative jobs like journalism (where in my opinion you end up as a front for the big corporations and express no real opinion other than what the popular news media wants you to say), photographer (which is highly competitive), florist, painter, writer. These jobs are highly competitive and somewhat based upon the whims of popular thought. Then there are sales jobs, and psudo jobs. Sales jobs require a certain type of personality and a tough skin. Psudo jobs are in my opinion somewhat dishonest, you put out ads for a real estate apprentice, or put ads in newspapers, flyers for people who "want to lose weight," these people make money off of other peoples dissatisfaction with there situation.

What happened to doing something because you enjoy doing it? I know that there are people out there who do this. But you have to live with the reality that you are going to be beholden in some way to someone to meet your necessary living expenses. Do you have to sell yourself out, do what everyone else is doing?

I think that it is important to take a look at what you really need in life and to make goals consistent with that. Two of the greatest problems in society (or what I think to be the greatest problems) are greed and apathy. When people get greedy they take on more than they can handle. Everything you own demands some part of your attention, if you own too much you will constantly be trying to protect your things. I had a teacher bring up the problem of "affluenza" of wanting more than we needed. This is certainly a contributing factor in what is happening right now with this "bailout," people took on more than they needed. Plus if you think you need a lot you will work a lot, that is just part of the beast. So what do you need? Figure that out and don't put more pressure on yourself to get "more." Apathy is part of the problem in that when we are too focused trying to accumulate we ignore things that are important because we have no more time to focus on them, we are too busy. Here I am, I know that I don't have "a lot." It would be nice if we owned a house. But we don't and I don't see anyway in the near future that, that goal can happen. Does that mean I give up? No, that means that I take a look at my reality and decide to focus on those things that are worthwhile and will bring me happiness. I love my family, I love to have good health, I love to have a clean home and I love not feeling stressed out over a mortgage payment. So I accept where I am at and hopefully in the future I will get where I want to be, it can happen. When you show that you are responsible for what you have and you enjoy what you have, then you will be able to get what you need.

Here is my plan for now:

Learn about politics, geography, history, food, healthy and cooking, among other things. Do what I can to be a good citizen and teach my kids what they can do. Try to educate them, apathy is dangerous. They need to know what is going on, why and what they can do about it.

I hope I haven't bored you all with my frustrations and I hope your day goes well.

~Strawberry Girl

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Clone.Girl. said...

I know excatly what you mean, I think money is awful and I'm trying let as little as possible touch me, For my birthday this year I'm going to "simplify" my life. I'm going to make a list of all my possesions, then go through my room and anything not on the list goes to Goodwill. If I can't remember it how important can it be. Besides there are plenty of other people who could use it. I have a thirst for knowledge and I always feel bad that I know very little about my country and the rest of the world.