Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finding out What is "worth it"

I'm feeling better today, I was blowing off steam yesterday, because I was frustrated by what is happening in this country.

It is raining outside today, I am glad. For some reason the rain always seems soothing to me. I have been listening to General Confrence today, it is a LDS meeting that they broadcast twice a year, I always feel so refreshed and renewed in spirit after listening.

You know I have found that this life takes courage. Courage to be different, to stand up for what you believe in and to seek out the truth. It is very difficult to be trying to hold the line on healthy living and eating when most of my family looks askance at me. Let me tell you, to be trying to do something because you believe in the principle even though you may not know all of the details or all of the truth is hard.

Here is an example. I began my journey by throwing out my microwave, I heard that deoderant contained aluminum and that it had been linked to tumor growth, and I also heard that cell phones could cause cancer. So one morning I was downstairs trying to cook breakfast (oatmeal)on the stove when somebody called. I had to run upstairs to take a message (while holding the phone at arms length) and left the stove. After I took the message I could smell the oatmeal burning so I ran downstairs and turned off the stove. Then felt utterly pittiful because I had no oatmeal to eat, the house was filled with smoke which made my hair stink and I stunk because I hadn't yet found a deoderant without aluminum that worked (I've found one now called Herbal magic Jasmine scent, which I like). So the thought came to me, "is this worth it, do I really believe that this is an improvement in my life?" That was kind of an ironic moment. So I went upstairs and took a shower with my organic shampoo (which kind of smells like roses, an old favorite scent). Then I went downstairs and cooked some more oatmeal and put nuts and dried cranberries in it, and I felt so good and my mind was so clear, that I felt that my efforts were worth it. (BTW I tried to put on my old deoderant several months later and it hurt my pits).

Thankfully I no longer have to stink, I am better at keeping track of things on the stove (you don't know how many eggs that I caused to explode because I forgot about them), and I know what to eat to make me feel good.

So it is worth it, no matter what it takes, no matter how long or how stupid you feel during the effort of trying to find out the truth. In the end if you find out the things that are worth it, you will be happy.

~Strawberry Girl

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Clone.Girl. said...

Yes it is definetly worth it, because what is more important having a fatter wallet, or being able to sleep (without poping a pill) because you know you did the right thing and you will always do the right thing. Native Americans had the right idea, we should share a lot more. I'm going to eat oatmeal tomorrow (random) =)