Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tulsi Tea

Man I have just found the best stuff!!

Dr. Mercola recommended it on his website, Tulsi Tea. I knew though that I could find it at the Sunflower Farmers market near my house so I went up and bought some. I am loving the raspberry peach version, yummy!! I also love Roobios tea or it's also called African Red Tea. I love both of these because they are caffine free totally better for you then Green, white or black tea (teas from the Camilla Sinisitus (SIC) leaf).

I finally got a run in today. My right calf has been grumpy with me and hurting so I have been stuck with walking. Today I took a really long walk up the really big incline path by my house then when I got to the top I turned around and did 2 minute sprints down the other way. It was great and I feel really good.

I've been thinking about the things that I thought that were cool when I was a kid. Like babysitting, having my own phone line in my room (I strung one from my moms room to mine), having a backyard swimming pool (me and my brother started to dig one once, my dad didn't appreciate it), driving (way not cool anymore), candy and ice cream (you know how I feel about these, except I do appreciate coconut icecream with raw chocolate and agave and Xocai chocolate).

I was big into study when I was a kid. In fact I hated school with a passion. I would walk home after being dropped off, not to watch TV, but to get all of my dad's books out (for some reason I wanted to read all of them). I would set up my study schedule, make my lunch and be in perfect bliss reading through all of those old books. I didn't understand half of what I was reading, but I wanted to. I remember listening to a tape that he had about morris code, I can't remember a thing about it now but it was interesting at the time.

What is also interesting is to compare what I was facinated by when I was little to what I feel about things now. Take rainbows for instance they always evoked a sense of wonder in me. I loved to make them by spraying water from the hose up into the sunlight. I also remember one day when there was to be a meteor shower. I went with my cousin to the store and bought these rainbow glasses. We sat back in our lawn chairs, actually in the middle of the street, and watched the meteors as they seemingly came straight towards us. It was fantastic watching the light burst into rainbows. I was also very earthy, I loved to walk out and smell the fall leaves decaying and drying. I loved to jump into them and crunch them up. I loved to sit in the bushes and smell the fresh earth around me. I would watch the bugs and imagine how things were long ago when there were no humans destroying what was natural around them. I was a very animistic kid and sympathized with the trees that had deep cuts on them and were weeping sap out. The Chinease elm tree does that, it weeps out a brown sap sometimes when it has lost a limb. I also felt differently towards cats and dogs and animals in general. Cats were and are fun creatures to think about. They are so hauty, but some are really friendly. Our new little kitten is a friendly creature and dosen't like to be alone. In fact I was happy to hear her marrow for us when we went upstairs.

I have decided that I definantly get PMS because I feel so differently during the course of the month. I only feel like writing at certain times in the month, like right now. For most of the month though I am intensly interested in learning. If I had a day to myself I would sit down and read as much as I could, I would not be done in a day I would want weeks, years. I am never satisfied with not learning. People who don't like to learn bug the heck out of me. In fact although I love my husband he dosen't like to learn the same way that I do and it really bugs me. He does talk to people though, usually the guys at work, so I can talk to him about things a bit. But he doesn't get the deeper meaning of things or the nuances and dual meanings of things, thus very shallow conversation ensues. That's just how things are though, and I love him so I deal with it.

Advice for anyone looking for someone to marry... take a long time, be engaged a long time and talk a lot. If you are an intellectual, don't marry a jock (unless he likes to read and think also).

Well gotta finish this tome!! Because I have other things to do (like visiting and learning French).

~Strawberry Girl

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