Monday, October 20, 2008


I think the scariest day of your life is when you wake up and see things differently then you previously have.

That happened to me last year when I became disillusioned about the SAD diet or Standard American Diet.

What is funny is that I read Kevin Trudeau's Book called "Natural Cures "They" don't want you to know about."

Ok - That book is hard to read because he rants a lot and he repeats himself a lot. But he outlines some things that make sense also, however I think he is absolutly over the top about some things. For instance he suggests that you wear white indoors (not particulary bad, but could be weird if you made a religion out of it), and that you stand on a giant magnent in your back yard. Plus he is really into internal cleansing, although I do think that it is good to do cleanses, but I don't agree with harsh methods.

Here is my cleanse: Start the morning off by eating a young coconut (or Thai coconut) they are white cylinder shapped coconuts wrapped up in plastic, usually kept in the produce section. You cut off the outer husk, then pierce the bottom "mouth" and let the juice (about 2 cups) drain into a cup. Afterwards you can take a hammer or heavy knife and hit it in the middle (not on the end where the "eyes" are or the other side, but the middle like where you would open a grapefruit in half). When it opens up spoon out the meat and eat it.

Then eat as much celery as you can stand throughout the day. Then eat an avocado and a green apple (Granny Smith). Then about an hour later eat another avocado and another apple. You can also eat carrots and other fresh veggies.

Preety soon you will see how "clean" you can get, without harsh herbs or chemicals.

Aside from cleanses, it is good to take a close look at your diet in order to avoid the junk that manufacturers put into their (your) food.

If you eat anything out of a box, wrapper or can you should really scrutinize it. There are a lot of fillers and tricks in these products. Look for HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) I think I already posted a link to an article about it, don't believe that it is safe to eat. Also look for Modified anything (not gonna be good for you), hydraganated oils (trans fats), MSG, sugar, Artificial colors (they will affect you for the worse, believe me), plus anything that say's "Natural" (Natural on a lable may mean that it origionally came from a natural source, but doesn't neccessarily mean that it is natural now, it can also mean how it "naturally" is suppossed to taste and could be derived from a petrochemical). Also look for the word "Spices" which could mean anything from chemical flavorings to MSG. Look for Propolyne Glycol and other types of this word. This is a substance that is used in your deoderant, shampoo, my dad uses it to lubricate heater parts (In fact he has a large bucket of it), you can also find it in your antifreeze and believe it or not in your sour cream, YUMMY!!

Check out the Weston A Price foundation online

Weston Price was a dentist that had a phenomenon start appearing in his office. A lot of cavities and jaw deformation. He decided to locate people still eating their indigiouness diets and make a comparason between them and those that ate refined sugars, flours and canned goods. Keep in mind that this was at the beginning of the industrial "revolution," and that there were still some people that ate their indigeouness diets.

I bought his book called "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" and it was an eye opener. The differences between those who ate a traditional diet and their children or siblings who did not was striking. The facial structure of those who started to eat refined foods became narrower and the teeth started to crowd and become full of cavities. He visited people from all over the world and the same thing was happening everywhere. In one instance that I remember, he visited the Ekimos in Alaska. They were coming down with all sorts of ailments, bad teeth, liver failure, overweight, heart disease. When they went back to eatting their traditional diets all of these diseases started to clear up and go away. I recommend this book to anyone who is seeking the truth about food. I also recomend that you should eat as much whole, real and raw food as possible. I don't recommend a Vegan diet however, because as much as I would like to never have to eat animal flesh or products I just cannot sustain that type of a diet, I personally have tried it and felt sick, sick, sick. Vegan diets have to be carefully, very carefully planned. Substitute meats are not healthy for you. I found this out the hard way. Plus after reading Dr. Prices book he mentions that he wasn't able to find any indigiouness group that did not eat meat.
I came to the idea of careful consumption of meat and eggs (I just cant do milk). I try to only eat eggs that are from a farm (I have found a couple of sources). I also try to eat only free range chicken and pastured grass fed beef. This I do very sparingly and try to be frugal in how I use these animals. I think that you should respect the food that you get and not waste it.

Well that is it for now.

~Strawberry Girl

P.S. Here is an article that I found just today that points this out (partially)

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