Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Snow Falls

Bumping up this post, cause the snow keeps on coming around again...

Well, in life as in weather, the snow will fall just when you least expect it. Sometimes I welcome the snow, it is a covering for the bare winter world. But it is a frozen cover a suspension of time as you will for the world. Time stands still, the only action is from the flakes of snow, drifting down. Silently down, softly down then comes the wind, howling. Howling about the aches and pains of a lonely drifting soul, who's soul? No one knows, it could be your own. You shiver, but not from the cold, but from the realization that you have felt the same as the howling wind. You felt that way and anyone who has felt that way cannot forget. Yet the snow is sometimes your friend, a benediction to the closing year. Listen as it falls upon Christmas eve night, there is an erie glow in the world, the air smells fresher because of the snow. You cling to your covers and close your eyes tight. Santa is coming, who know's what he will bring tonight. Your fairly sure you were good, so your not worried, not much. The snow is the reassurance that things will be right in the morning.

Walking through the snow.

My shoes are inadequate for the task, I have to walk home. Ten steps into the crunchy snow I realize that this will not be easy, perhaps if I take a short cut I will get there faster. So I turn the back way, brrrr my feet are cold, and my pants are getting wet as well. Grit your teeth, wrap your coat tighter and think of a warm bath and hot cocoa at home. Keep walking, crunching through the snow, at least that is satisfying. Crunching the glassy ice that has formed on the side of the road. Woops that one held water beneth it, now my feet are really wet. Brrrr keep walking, no sense in stopping that will not end the misery. Now I am avoiding the ice, although I would like to stomp on it. The path ahead looks smooth, good, glibly I walk into it. Woops this path was a trick, it was formed from the snow ploughs, deep hills on the side of the road, made smooth by the wind. Now I am really wet, up to the top of my pants. Trudge, trudge to the road, where the wheels of the cars have made a path through the snow. Whew, that was bad, but I am almost home. I am hurrying now, as much as I can with my stiff feet and stiff legs. How odd it feels to be wet, cold and stiff on the bottom and warm and dry on the top. Round the bend then round another, cross through the neighbors driveway from the backroad to the front. Trudge, stomp pull my legs faster and faster, until I am slightly running. Around the corner, through the neighbors yard, into our back door. Brrr wet clothes off, I go to the bathtub where I run slightly warm water (the hot water hurts). Until my legs and feet warm up a bit, then I run warmer and warmer water until the aching pain is gone. I grab a fluffy towel and dry off, dress and stand over the furnace while it blows hot air to warm me up. I decide to get some cocoa and leave the cocoon of the warm bathroom. Finally I am feeling warm, inside and out and I decide to rest. I snuggle down into the covers, into the warmth, into a comfortable sleep. (This really happened to me).

I hope your winter is going well.

~Strawberry Girl

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