Monday, January 26, 2009

Country Girl? or Not?

I am still deciding, I grew up listening to Johnny Cash, Crosby Steels and Nash, and old timey music like The Sons of The Pioneers "Cool Clear Water." My Grandma was a fan of Dolly Parton, and Reba. My dad is also an oldies fan so I would hear songs from The Beatles, Paul Simmon, and John Denver. My mom got me listening to Buddy Holly, Karen Carpenter and Garth Brooks. We would also go up to the annual reunion in the mountains, gather around the campfire where my dad would strum his guitar and his uncle played the banjo. So I guess a lot of my background is country. My Uncle is a definant cowboy, he had a heart attack in November, and all he wanted to watch on TV was the Rodeo. He owns a bar (family shame), but I love him anyway. I respond to a lot of country music, but some of it irritates me.

Then there is Jazz, I love Jazz. My dad bought me a tape of The Manhatten Transfer one cold rainy night and I never got over it. I used to sing "oo wa, oo wa, cool, cool kitty..." at the top of my lungs in front of an imaginary audience when I was a kid.

I like some classical music, it helps me to think, but I don't want to bore a general audience by putting it on my player. I tried to learn Cannon in D when I was younger, but gave up on piano when other stressors got to me. Now I want to pick it up again, someday soon I hope. My Grandmother was trying to learn the piano a few years before she died, I hope I learn before then.

I like some kinds of country, like gingham and patches on an apron. But I hate decorations that are overly country like cow's, roosters and pigs. I guess I am a little bit country and a little bit... of something else.


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