Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Future...

Well, I have felt really good lately. I always do when I get things more organized and things slow down a little bit. I have cleared out my room quite a bit, got it set up for possible sewing projects in the future, and I also set it up so that I can teach and learn better. Now that I have come to grips with things in the past and also current happenings I can take them on and deal with them. Uncertainty has alway's been my worst enemy. I guess that I have been chanelling the general mood of the US as well, we were in a turmoil last year trying to figure out who should be president, and now the mood is that of resolution and reorganization. As for the new president, I am glad that there is a new president. There is going to be change and I appreciate the way he seems to be careful and thoughtful (rather than rash like Bush seemed to be). I am also glad to have this turning point in American history where we have freely elected a Black man to the presidency, though I don't put too much importance on that since politics to me is more important. I want to get an idea about who this man is and what to expect from him, I am sure many Americans are experiencing the same sensation. It feels good to have a focus and to have things to think about. :0)

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