Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grandmothers House

I stumbled upon this when I was going through my computer, looking for a file.

Memories of Grandmothers house...

The taste of strawberry shortcake, rootbeer floats, picnic lunches and the goodness of my Grandmother. I awaken to the spring at Grandmothers house, I had slept there the night before. I smell the fresh cut grass and go outside to seek the wonders that await me there. As the sun seeps into my body I feel such renewed strength and energy, that I wan to run into the house and share my enthusiasm with my Grandma. She is waiting for me there with a small box of raisins, which she gives me to take upon my adventures throughout the wide outdoors. She also has an empty butter tub to give me to capture grasshoppers in. Back outside I go, determined to tame those wild beasties, namely the grasshoppers. I snake around in the grass, and to my delight there is a cheeky fellow sitting upon a large blade of grass. A nervous excitement flows throughout my body. I determine that to catch the beastie I must quickly pounce before he gets away. To my dismay he leaps out of reach. Then carefully I stalk him, I can sense his awareness of me. Slowly I walk towards him, “blast it,” he jumped again. Maybe he saw my shadow, this time I walk around the other way, he is jumping but I think I have thrown him off to my intentions. Finally either the grasshopper has tiered out, or just plain good luck I catch him in my tub and close the lid. With a sense of wonder and horror, I feel him hopping around in there. I simply must run into the house to show Grandmother. Oh she doesn’t want me to open it, what if he escapes. Somehow I am both fascinated and horrified by the jumping grasshopper and I place the tub in the shade outside where the moss grows along the house. This will be a fine home for him I think. Back out to explore, the cement on the patio the surface of which is coming off, it's not good for Grandma and Grandpa but it is good for me. I like to pick off the peeling cement and wonder at the broom smoothed side and the rough bumpy other side. The different colored flecks of rock, some shiny some dull. I imagine to myself that this is a wish rock and the bigger the piece the better so I pick at the cement all the more. I hear Grandpa calling he has set up a tee pee, what fun!! I scramble inside and breath in the scent of canvas cloth and wonder at the sensation of the cool prickly grass. I try to lay down, but find it uncomfortable so I scramble out again to go explore the lilac bushes that grow against the fence. I crouch bellow them and pretend to be a cat, then Grandpa finds me to go with him next door. We go back, back, farther and farther into the seemingly wild orchard of Grandpa's neighbor, the tree's are all a blossom and petals fall like snow. Grandpa's neighbor is a forthright guy and greets me with a smile, I am shy and look for a tree to hide behind. He is coaxing me now, come see the bee's, I think of stings and buzzing and don't want to come. Grandpa holds my hand and walks me to a certain spot where he makes me stand. I look on in fascination as they smoke the bee's and bring out the combs, then I see one too many bee's and run off. Back through the tree's, back, back, until I reach Grandma's house again. Oooo it's the orange beastie cat, Morris. He doesn't like me, he doesn't like anyone. I am sun sick so I head indoors to the cool room off the kitchen, there I lay down on the couch and rest until Grandmother brings me a tuna sandwich and potato chips. She tries to get me to put my potato chips on my sandwich because she always likes it that way, I protest and she lets me do as I like. Finally mom comes and gets me, Grandma's house was fun.

~Strawberry Girl

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Star said...

I really enjoyed walking back in time with you, back to the wonderful memories of your Grandma's house and the garden and all the little creatures you found there. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories with me.
Blessings, Star