Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Grrr... Golly, Gee

My two year old really has hit some kind of naughty bug. Today she has torn out everything that she possible could, including the rubber cement glue. She poured it on the floor, she got it on her belly, she poured it on both of our kitties... Does anyone know how to get rubber cement out of fur?

Anyway, on another note. I was thinking last month that maybe it would be alright if I went over to Weight Watchers to check out what there new program was like. My mom is an avowed member, and I did WW before (I lost the weight but didn't feel healthy) so I thought that if I stuck to the healthy foods I like now then maybe the program would be useful for getting rid of a couple of the extra pounds that were hanging around after my miscarriage in Dec. I have been holding off however and just sticking to unrefined unprocessed foods like usual and yesterday I pulled on my size 4 jeans again. So I guess that's just proof that it's not food, but the chemicals and preservitives that they add to food that creates excess weight in your body. I don't really have terrible "fat" spots but I do need to get out and excersize because my body is not as toned as it could be. With all of the snow outside just begging to be shoveled I will be able to get plenty of excersize "Right?"

I was also thinking about snow blowers, sometimes I think that it would be nice to have one, but I think of all the gas and emmissions those suckers pour out and I am glad I don't have one. Plus the opportunity to exersize would be gone, so HA evil snowblower gas guzzlers I don't need you!!

Well i've gotta go see what my two year old has created lately, I will write sometime later.

~Strawberry Girl

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