Monday, January 5, 2009

The Library at Academy Square

There was this building, beautiful architecture, centrally located, and mysterious. It had a broken down temporary fence around it. The windows showed the charred remenants of a fire from who know's when. Tumbleweeds seemed to roll through the grounds. The grounds also held ghostly twigs of trees and bushes and a forlorn looking statue of the dignitary of the academy. When I used to walk past it I would shudder from fright because of the ghostlyness of it. My aunt held the belief that people broke in there to worship the devil. It was a terrific old, ghostly eye sore and we all loved it because of the history that it held. Then about 10 years ago the Mayor decided to fix it up and turn it into a library. The costs were debated, the efficacy of the project reviewed and then they started to work on it. I remember seeing a scale model of it in our old library, (which has since been turned into a center for the arts). I was excited that they were fixing up the old academy building. My aunt forswore ever setting foot in it because of the devil worshipers, but I didn't swear off of it. It is beautifully appointed with interesting sculptures and functional design. They hold fun events there and there are lots of resources for teaching your kids. There is a ballroom (oh to be a princess and go to the ball...), there is also an art gallery. Right now the art gallery has an exhibition of Mexican art and artists. My favorite painting is of a couple in the middle of a dance. The ladies red dress is fanned out in breathtaking viberancy, it makes me wish to be able to paint thus. Anyhow, I was thinking about the library because of my quest to become more learned.

I will write again later...

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