Saturday, January 31, 2009

Live life well...

Are you ready? Do you have the courage enough to do it? Here is the secret that those who strive to free themselves from the fetters that hold them can only know. Henry David Thoreau discovered it amist the shores of Walden Pond, the great pioneers knew it when they set out and lived their beliefs. I know how it feels...

Can you do it? Can you risk a bit of scorn? Can you change the bad habits that you know are holding you down?

Feel...sit on the mountain, on the fresh spring earth and breath deeply. Feel the sun on your shoulders, the wind in your hair. Smell the spring, the musty earth beneath you, the new grasses springing at your feet. Clover, wild pine, lilacs and daffodils scent the air, can you appreciate it?

Taste the vibrancy of real food, sprouted grains, sprouted seeds, enzyme rich whole foods. Take a bite of a sprouted organic corn tortilla, there is no chemical fat in it manufactured by fried oils. This corn has not been altered by some idiot in a lab who thinks that adding the gene cells of jellyfish is a good idea.

Your body recognizes this as real food, the vibarancy starts in your body the minute you eat it. Imagine food that calms and energizes you, that enlivens every cell in your body when you eat of it.

That is real food, not some package that sits on the shelf. Some may say, why bother? This food is so convinent sitting in a box. I say, bah!! What a waste of time that dead food!! Do I want my energy to be zapped? Do I want to be a shell, sitting pathetically while my life passes by?

NEVER!! If it's in a box, I will eat very little of it or none at all. Only food that will fill my life up with life will pass my lips. What about sugary candy? Don't make me laugh, that is almost worse than a boxed dinner. Temporarily it is good, the taste. Then your heart speeds up, your head imperceptibly starts to ache, your breathing imperceptibly becomes more labored, your liver pumps out bile to attack, your body produces more insulin, you gain weight and you don't know why. Ha!! Would I want that?

Imagine living a life where your body is strong and sound, where you can work hard and it feels good. Where you can laugh with joy because you feel alive and happy.

Do I ever want to be dead to life, would I let liquor pass my lips? No, NO!! I cannot understand it, to drink something or take something that makes me an idiot and leaves me with a headache. That kills my body one way or another, leaving me with stupid acts and a stupid head.

I want to live, let any sadness come, it makes the joy's even more full. Let life slip me what it may, because I know the truth, I know that it is better to live your life than to live in a shell. The joy's come again, the winter will end, and I want to be a part of all of it.

I fight off the temptation to watch bad movies or TV, or to read bad books. WHY? Because real relationships are better! How stupid to alienate yourself from the world, to hold off on loving or being loved.

How selfishness leads to your downfall. LOVE, love people, don't let the fear of rejection or whatever it may be leave you sitting alone. Don't use people, what a waste of time, you cannot really get the real thing from "using" someone. With your enlivened spirit, with your will to live, with the one that you love, who loves you back. All that you are, all that you do together will bring you satisfaction. How lucky you are if they know the truth about living life well and are on the same journey as you, how great can be your joy, how good you can be together!! How difficult if they are trapped by fetters that you venemently scorn. Live life anyway, try as hard as you can! The rewards are great, the drawbacks are few.

Believe!! Believe that if you live well, life will bring you a fullness of joy. Don't envy what others have. Enjoy good food, and exercise because eventually it will feel good. Appreciate what you have, I have the mountains around me, and a trail to walk on by the river. I have a family and friends. I have so much!! Face life, face the calamities as challenges, the trials can lift you up if you have the right attitude. May be Job in the bible knew this, that all can be taken away and you can still believe that God lives because you remember that he has given the world so much good. Take advantage of the goodness of life, live life well...

~Strawberry Girl

As a side note, I think I will take a computer sabatical only minimally checking e-mail. I need to detox my mind from the darn computer. ;p


ecogrrl said...

great post, girl. detoxing the body through only allowing purity to enter it is an interesting process. i have been experimenting with the "body & soul" magazine detox plan and eating more fruits and veggies than i ever imagined i could consume, but without the process foods i felt myself going through this gorgeous (yet somewhat unnerving) transformation. it takes strength to leave behind what we have been inundated with our entire lives.

Strawberry Girl said...

You've got that right, ecogrrl!! :o)