Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lovely Sentiment

"I am always hopeful that the pendulum will swing back and that women will see again not only the necessity of a mother's being at home, but also the infinite and rich choice in that occupation for women of all ages. Some will complain of monotony, but how few going out to a paid job have the opportunity to make their own schedules, to choose the routine of their week's labor, to follow up creative interests that women have within the home. Our ever-present disciplines, the pattern of creaturely necessities- cooking, laundry, decently clean houses- are a blessing. Beyond the physical care of the family, for better or worse we are shaping souls and characters. Women learn slowly the magnitude of their influence. Perhaps we would be more contented if we could realize that one of the few remaining free professions is that of a housewife. If a woman resents being just a housewife, let her be called an artist..."~Josephine Moffett Benton, in The Pace of a Hen

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