Saturday, January 10, 2009


There is something wonderful about the fresh dews of spring. Most of the snow has melted away and you can smell the fresh earth.

I walk out to my own little bit of isolated wildness in the back, find a dry stump to sit upon and discover the hidden nooks and crannies in between the fallen branches of the woods. There sheltered from the sun is the reminant of snow which previously blanketed the ground and from which life lay dorment. If you look close enough you may find the beginnings of new life, the stirring of life is magical. Almost I can imagine the fairies in their protected hallow, stretcing forth their limbs and yawning, flittering their wings. Suddenly I see an exploratory ant, he pokes around examining the goods as he walks through the forest fair. The wind lifts my hair and teases it, it is a sweet breeze I can smell the freshness of the morning. My soul rejoices and I wish to find a spot in the sweet grass to lie down and feel the sun radiating into my soul. I see a likely spot but upon sitting I find the earth wet and stubborn I sit for a while trying to feel comfortable. Finally I conceed the condition of the ground and make my way to the back yard to find a swing. Swaying back and forth I relax into a sweet blissful lull and feel the sun on my golden head. The breeze still holds the bite of winter, so I sigh and make my way back into my home.

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