Monday, February 2, 2009

Can't a girl find a job?

You know what, I said I was going to take a sabatical from the computer but I feel like ranting a bit. I am a smart, energetic girl, good with people, really good at keeping things in order but is there a job out there for me? Nope. Along with a couple hundred thousand just like me.

This wouldn't be so bad if there was a decent way to live my life without working 9-5. This is when I look at the world and see how terribly wrong we have all gone. This is where Thomas Jefferson and his ideal world of independent families on their own land with their own sustainable business makes a lot of sense.

How did we get here? It is tempting to blame it on the short sightedness of our ancestors and their push for "progress." But then, aren't we all short sighted? My grandparents were pioneers, they fought for their freedoms and they worked hard. When my great grandpa died my grandpa and his brother sold the land and divided it up. How ironic that this land that used to be owned by honest pioneer stock is now inhabited by people who may or may not wish to earn their lot from farming but couldn't do so anyway. It is all parcelled off, buildings and parking lots, stores and gas stations. Selling goods made in China, not even as good by half as the clothing that our Great Grandmothers made by their own honest labor. We have trinkets and bobbles and not enought sense in our heads to know that we are slaves to some greedy corporate big wigs that control the quality of our lives.

I live in a duplex, right now I consider this a blessing. There is a large back yard, full of stones, but nevertheless a yard. I found fencing though craigslist last year, through sheer grit and stubborness I brought a bunch of 6' X 8' lengths of pre-manufactured fencing home in the back of my husbands truck and it's been stored up against the side of our house ever since. I have wanted to fence off the back yard and make things grow, but don't have the physical strenth to lift up these fence pieces to put them in place. (Though I did manuvere them out of the back of the truck by myself).

I want to have something productive to do. It is crazy sitting around each day, when things should be getting done. It's driving me nuts!!

That's my rant for now. May be I will rant later about the feminist movement and/or the loss of jobs to people oversea's. Or may be I will try making that quilt I keep promising myself to make and try not to see things as so hopeless. ;p

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Running Through Time said...

I truly hope you are able to find employment soon. I also have a fence waiting to be put up as well, I am hoping my husband will be able to help with it soon.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog it is nice knowing I am not alone and people share similar experiences.