Monday, February 2, 2009

My Experience with the Ocean

Stifling, numb, tierd, and sick. The drive had been long out to California to pick up my brother from boot camp. It was August but the heat out there, along with the humidity was clinging to me and my hair felt sticky on my neck. I had my swimming suit on in the hope that once we reached the hotel we could go for a swim. But a more alluring possibility presented itself before we reached our destination, still a good 20 minutes away. The ocean was calling us, my Dad was pushing on, but we were begging for a visit. This would probably be our only chance. So he turned towards the ocean and a calm satisfaction settled into me in anticipation. We parked in the parking lot on the edge of a dune, but easily found our way down to a trail that led to facilities and the beach. I was so eager, I tore off the hot clothing which had suffocated me during the trip and ran towards the cool breeze that came from the waters breath. The sand was wet quickly, I was suprised at the sand, dry on top and wet beneath. The fresh salty air invigorated something deep down in me and I felt to run into the arms of the sea. I had little experience with such matters, and no one warned me of how powerful the surf would be, I quickly learned. The water was a beast, strong and more powerful than any human hands could ever be. I was tossed, like a doll and I swam for the top. Swam as it were for my life, the fear I felt was excrutiatingly real. I couldn't really see since my contacts were out, so to gauge how far I had to swim to reach the others was a bit daunting. Somehow, deep inside I pulled out my reserves of calm and concentration and swam with my might towards the others. Feigning unconcern with the situation and my scare I stepped out of the water and onto the beach. I reached for my towel and walked over to the shower facilities. I shivered, from the newly cold wind and from the thought of the ocean beast still roaring in the background. Sometime I will get back again, sometime the ocean will be calmer and I will play in the surf and sand. Until then, my respect for the forces of nature is great.

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