Sunday, February 8, 2009


Life feels so much better when the sun is out!! Yesterday, the sun was shining like a beacon of hope. Hope that spring was on the way, that we can do something outside again. (It's raining today but that is alright with me).

This year is the year of the garden, beautiful organic garden. I'm going to make it work and make it the best one that I have ever had. Last year was an experiment, we tried out square foot gardening and put the boxes up against the fence. Unfortunantly morning glory grew up under the gardens and popped out everywhere and no matter how many times I pulled it just came back. The only garden that was "spared" quite a bit was the one that my dad made about 8" high instead of 6." SO I am going to double up the boxes that we already have so that will make them about 12" high and were going to get more boxes to spread the love around ya know.

I also have plans to build a little shelf off of our kitchen window (the bottom half of our duplex is about 6' down) that way I can open it up and "cook" with a little solar oven that I have plans to get and not waste energy using our oven all the time.

Maybe I can find a way to make a clothes line in the back yard as well (wouldn't that be "swell?" My ancestors wouldn't have thought so, would yours?)

It's funny, last year when gas was over $4 a gallon, I bought this push lawn mower. It's an antique really, but it worked. The blades are dull though, I think I will take them to the local knife sharpener and have them sharpen them up. The neighbors have been using it since they are getting a little discount on the rent to take care of the yard, but it's not much so the gas on the lawn mower kind of eats up the money.

Something that's funny about the way things grow around here is that things start out managable in spring, everything keeps in it's respectable place, but about mid-summer the plants explode and there is green everywhere. Then suddenly everything starts to die off and it becomes cold, fall and winter show up and everything shuts down again. GLORIOUS!!

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ecogrrl said...

good for you for using a reel mower! i actually bought a new one at lowe's when i bought my house and it even has a little grass-catcher attachment so i can use the clippings for mulch on my garden. i've never missed not having the other kind!! girl i am desperate for spring - planning my garden for this year is making me so antsy for fresh produce!!