Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Line?

In life we are alway's straddling a line, what line? The line between good and bad, real and imaginary, healthy and ill. Is there a point in staying on the "right" side of the line? How do we know what the right side of the line is?

You could spend your time being endlessly pedantic talking about this, but I guess the right side of the line is where you are the happiest. Is there some kind of ultimate happiness out there for those of us who can figure out what the right side of the line is, the good and real and healthy side?

Most people would agree that it is better to be healthy than ill; good than bad; and living in the real world is usually the only way to have a normal life. But then why do we do things that lead to illness, that we know to be bad? I guess revelling in an imaginary world now and then is not so bad, so I will leave that out of my musings, unless we are not facing reality. I guess most people do things to try and avoid pain, but sometimes the "cure" that they use will lead to a worse pain.

I don't know who agree's with me here. But I see government programs as taking away our freedoms. They are expensive and poorly run and people are better off managing there own affairs (except the mentally ill). Who am I to talk though we are, on foodstamps, I hate it!! I would much rather work and manage my own affairs than be where I am, but I am here. Where is the line for government involvement in our lives?

So here is the sticker, if I was altruistic then I would get off all government programs, throw CHIP and Medicaid and PCN back in the governments face. Sit and suffer it out, starve and beg for money from my family (going all the way I would go clean there house).

Maybe I should do that, I believe in being self sufficient, am I willing to do that? Actually yes, I am trying to do as much as I can to be self sufficient by growing a garden, buying a pressure canner to preserve meat, learning how to cook and how to preserve food. As to health care I don't know, I am doing my best to learn how to keep my family healthy without using the doctor but there are things that come up like broken arms (Baby had one last year) so I just can't throw away government health care that easily. It still makes me mad though because it is run so haphazardly and poorly.

Plus I hate that people don't take the initiative to try and become healthy but rely on the "backup" of medicine and doctors. I don't really blame them too much though, I think that the greedy "health" care industry is part of what has ruined this country. Starting with greedy corporations producing low quality food with poor quality ingredients. Leading to a population with poor health and mental illnesses (yes food can make you mentally ill). Leading to people seeing the doctor all of the time and never getting well. Leading to the prescription of various and assundry drugs that also cause and further illnesses. Leading to people who don't think, don't question, become apathetic and stuck who live and breath and die without ever knowing what it really feels like to be alive. Where is the line for corporations? What is an honest profit and what is greed?

Also think about this, our country is in big, tremendous debt. We have no money, we've spent it. Now the government wants to print off more and they keep promoting stimulus packages. I believe that these "stimulus" packages are going to ruin the value of our money, create inflation/deflation whatever you want to call it and we are not going anywhere. Why are people not saving? Because there is not incentive to save (too low of an interest rate), and we don't have money to save anyway. People are being sold the ideal of ME NOW, and not the ideal of WAIT and be happy with what you have.

Maybe it's a good thing, people will have to stop spending so much on junk. People are turning to gardens and cooking and community again. It's still hard, and I hate being in this position, but what can I do about it?

I guess that's enough of a rant. :0)

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