Thursday, March 5, 2009

Balance of power

Well, I have been thinking a bit about the balance of power in Washington. I have not really thought too much about politics before. But the last couple of years I have been trying to become more informed. In my classes at UVU I have found that, living in a really Rupublican state, there was alot of tension about the subject of politics. Why? Because a lot of my professors were democrats, really liberal democrats and our student newspaper was really liberal as well. This because the other nearby school is really Republican and there was a lot of animosity that was aparent between these professors and the other school. What bugged me is that most of the students at UVU and most of the surrounding area are Republican and the democrats of the school were always saying and doing things to bug them (it was really aparent).

With that as a background... I had a class, don't remember which one, where we talked about the way that America flip flops from Republican to Democrat, back and forth. The teacher mentioned that he had never seen one party stay in power more than 8 years. He also mentioned how it was healthy for the country to have this shift in idea's and power.

Here are my thoughts on politics. I think that there are too many special interests, too many lobbyists. I like trying to protect the earth and real human rights. But I don't like the liberalness about the current Democratic regime. Obama has got into office and put into place many really liberal policies, he changed the rules about government support of abortions, he put forth even more spending of imaginary money, yet he is a really "green" president I don't know how good this will turn out to be. The power shift has made it possible to talk to countries that we haven't been speaking to for a while, Russia, Iran, I don't know about North Korea.

What my assertation is, and a lot of people I know, is that both of the "reigning" political parties have departed greatly from the constitution and our rights outlined therein. The great ideals of our founding fathers have been ignored, forgotten and changed. This saddens me a great deal, the men who established this country were learned men who had studied the great societies of the past and were trying to set up this country with the best principles that they had learned. But even from the beginning those with wealth exerted an influence upon the drafting of the constitution. It never would have passed and this piece of land would be an entirely different landscape. If they had not included the provision for slavery. Unfortunantly, those southern states would not have come in if the document didn't contain the provisions. I think that a lot of the miscief of politics comes from the compromises, where everyone really know's that what they are compromising on is something that is a bad deal.

I am pro-freedom, anti anything that distorts or takes away that freedom. I don't like corporate rule, I don't like elitist rule. But I do like it when honest and learned men rule. Is that going to happen in my lifetime? I don't know. I am a supporter of Ron Paul, he is a little bit extreme, I can recognize that a lot of his idea's are radical and would confuse and outrage the general public as well as people in congress. He is the closest thing that I know of to my ideal politician however.

Anyway those are my thoughts, for what they are worth (a penny?)

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