Sunday, March 8, 2009

Soul Gathering

The cloud, suspended as if by nothing, aloft in mid air. How can a collection of mists, of moisture stay suspended in the earths atmosphere. How does moisture gather anyway? One particle of water recognizing itself in another particle, suspended up in the air. Apparently empty air that moves around us, it's motion directed by the sun, and the rotation of the earth. The elements, particles, matter each are living in a way. They bring life, they move through space and time, they move through us and in us and with spring the pulsing air fills us each again. Soul matter recognizes soul, particles of spirit. Truth recognizes truth, love gathers love, light attracts light. Negativity also and hatred gathers it's own, you create your own hell. Live so that life and love and light flow into you. To me these are all a part of what God is. Live so that your heart, body and spirit can recognize and appreciate the goodness of God and all he gathers and gives to us.

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John said...

Thanks for being inspired -

a passing cloud

(excuse me for using John's email account, but they tend not to give accounts to clouds)