Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fabulous Award...

I just received an award from John at Smoke Rings and Matterings, a really talented guy and a great read, especially when you feel like appreciating the world just a little bit more... go check out his blog. :0)

To keep the good vibes going the award is passed from blogger to blogger. You link with the person who sent the award and then pass it to 5 other bloggers...

Plus you must list 5 of your fabulous addictions...

1. Dark Chocolate - This kind of goes without saying, I love the way that chocolate from different parts of the world has different nuances of flavor.

2. Health - After surviving the SAD (Standard American Diet). I woke up and found that fresh, non microwaved food tastes so, so good. Plus it enlivens your body from deep down in your toes right up to the top of your head.

3. Writing and thinking way too much. I have always been this way, though I didn't know how much I loved to do it until just recently. (No I am not staring vacantly off into the distance, I am thinking about the lady bug walking along the back of your shirt).

4. Standing out in the wind, or running through the rain... appreciating life.

5. Cooking - When the inspiration hits I scavenge through my cupboards looking for flavors that would work well together and cook up a storm. ;p (Though it's one of those things I am hot or cold about, I cook a lot or I don't)

Now the fun part, passing the award on to some of my most favorite people.

1) Ecogrrl- For being a kind and supportive friend who loves good food, the environment and life as much as I do. (Thank you again for helping me learn some interviewing skills, I was clueless)

2) Sonja - A really good friend, from the moment I met her I admired her spirit. She is an excellent photographer, a smart lady and a caring, thoughtful homeschooling mother.

3) Clone Girl - One of the most motivated people who I have met. She is also a thinker and sometimes people her age get her down.

4) Sunny - Who is also a good friend and neighbor. She has a beautiful little daughter with down syndrome who is about the same age as my little Roxie. She is a mama bear protecting her little cub and even when her little girl was keeping her (and hubby) up at night, she always seemed to have it all together. (Plus she is an excellent chef, thanks for sharing your recipe for Chicken Tikka Marsala it is so yummy!!)

5) Naran - For sharing with us what life in India is like, for capturing the beauty of India through his excellent photography and the fact that he knows about and loves Holy Basil (or Tulsi) tea is fantastic as well.(one of my most favorite herbal teas, revered in aryvudiac medicine)

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Sonja said...

well gosh...thanks Annie! You have to know I admire you too--especially your healthy take in life. I wish we lived closer so I could glean from your example more. Until then, I will glean from your fab blog. :)