Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feeling the Spring

I don't know about anyone else, but the spring cleaning bug always gets into me and I feel antsy and yucky until the house gets a good cleaning. Plus the whole, getting the back yard ready for a garden gets on my mind as well. Fortunantly we have a large back yard, unfortunantly we don't have money to get a rototiller and buy peat moss, cow manure or other type of manure, and other soil additives. We do have a compost pile and we do have the soil that we added last year to a part of the garden, plus we have some fish in the freezer that would be good to add to a part of the garden that we plan on using in about a month. My dad said that he would get one, but, I will have to listen to him complain, about the expense, about the time... and it will take forever for him to get to it and this will lead to the garden getting in late. GRRR I also wish we could put in a drip system, but, furrows and such will have to do.

One thing that I think that is going to always bug me is the general disarry that the house gets into with the kids running around being kids. But I have been on a campaign to get them to help more and it seems to be working, so far.... I keep getting the feeling that I missed some class on how to do all of this. :0)

What is also frustrating is that I have been working on our taxes. It wouldn't be so bad except for the generally frustrating way in which I am not in control of what has happened in our business, and what has happened is still slightly a mystery to me. So I am going through the past year trying to sort it all out, a task which is generally distasteful to me so I have been avoiding it, but I need to do it to file our taxes. So I have gotten some of it done, but... Grrr. I hate not having control over big things like this, sigh...

So putting off our taxes has been a bad thing in other ways. I keep getting on the computer, with the intent of working on our taxes, getting frustrated by it, avoiding it by endlessly doing other things and I don't get stuff done that I need to do elsewhere.

But I am making some headway on it at last, i've gotten our bank accounts up to date, I have started to go through them categorizing things (yeah!! Sarcastic), and I have been out in the real world getting the kids to do their work and pondering the garden (I know lots of help).

Well... back to taxes. ;p

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EcoGrrl said...

me too! we got a teeny patch of dry yesterday and i started after a patch in the it!