Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finally, Sillyness

Today has been a bit of a rollercoaster, this morning the tow truck, but I let the yucky stuff of life go today in order to enjoy life. So I have been in an unusually good and goofy mood this afternoon into the night. This is the rest of my day...

We went up to my mom's house for dinner, our regular Sunday ritual, and while waiting for things to finish cooking I sat at their kitchen table with my little sis., who is 16, and decided that since she was drawing I would like to draw. Something that I have not been in the mood to do because I sometimes get agravated when I draw because I am a perfectionist. I haven't learned how to get the general sense of a subject before filling in the details, so I get stuck shading the details of part of the subject without finishing the work. But today, although I did get stuck filling in the details, and now my sister has a partially drawn picture of a mini rose in it's store wrapping in her sketch book (glorious run on sentence), I let it be and don't feel guilty about leaving it. (Where I could easily have felt OCD about it and the need to force myself to finish it).

So while drawing this detailed picture of a circle (for the pot) and the folds of the wrapping that it is in, I was mocking myself and my OCD in general. While my sister was mocking herself as well and my little 11 year old girl was bouncing around laughing at our rediculous satirical conversation. My mom generally likes it when we get in this mood as well (so does my dad) and we like to poke fun of her in our general satirical way, she loves it. So little sister was mocking her for dancing in Wal-Mart and we all groaned over the image of my mom dancing in the asile of the store with her happy dance. She sometimes pulls a happy dance over the vegetables growing in the garden, and sometimes she pulls a happy dance when she scores at a game we are all playing.

During dinner we all had a conversation about generally nothing important but it was all terribly funny (to us). We have this family joke that my little brother Daniel works at "Cheeso World." Something that he made up about 15 or so years ago and we have not let it die. So he's the advertising director there at Cheeso World and he has an advertising slogan/song that we all like to burst out singing whenever we are in the mood. Another kind of off the wall thing that has to do with Daniel is something that my cousins and I made up, also about 15 years or so ago. My cousins and I were bored one day at a sleep over, so we all decided to make up a story having to do with "The Power Rangers," as the main plot line. Changed to suit our needs (I think I was the "Plaid" power ranger). We added bits of music that we found to be amusing and the main bad guy's were "The Kinky Boot Beast," and "No More Mr. Nice Guy." "The Kinky Boot Beast," was derived from a character from The Beatles movie "Yellow Submarine," and we imagined my cousins brother to be him. My brother ended up being "No More Mr. Nice Guy," who went around doing lame things and laughing maniacally. Kind of like Spong Bob gone bad :0). So Daniel found this character amusing and still does. He created a blog (on some cell phone based blog thing that I don't know exactly how to access) about "No More Mr. Nice Guy." He was reading us some of his misadventures which we all found to be highly amusing since we were all in that kind of a mood tonight.

After dinner little sis. and I went out for a walk with my 11 year old girl (who sounds just like me at 14) and my little boy who is 7 and was walking along fighting off the bad guy's as we went. We all had a glorious time mocking everything and nothing and anything in general. After we got back we helped my brother make up several "episodes" of his "No More Mr. Nice Guy" blog and I laughed until my stomach hurt. Actually we helped him before our walk and after.

Then me and my mom got into an argument over whether or not there was such a word as Commensurate. My mom was absolutely sure there was not such a word and she thought I meant Commiserate. She is very stubborn and will not give up on any argument. So my little sister got out a dictionary and we found both words and it was funny because although I meant to say commensurate, her word commiserate fit the sentence that I used it for better and the whole conversation was ammusing anyway.

What's not so good is that my sister in law had a terrible week last week. Her dog died on Tuesday and her mother tried to commite suicide and is now in the phyc (can't spell that right now) ward in the hospital. My sis. in law was in an understandably terrible mood, that's why I wanted to commiserate, but I just didn't know what to say, so I just gave her some good hugs. Then I cheered up her little girls and kept things light because I hate sitting around in a dark mood. I hope I didn't agravate the situation.

Well that was my day, kind of a strange one but that's how things go sometimes. :0)

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Jeff B said...

That does sound like quite the day. Yikes.