Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Futures Possibilities

I know, I have been in a down kind of mood lately. Well I want to break out of it. I think that the hardest thing about this kind of life event is that it is a quick stripping of your former habits and change can be hard. But really, isn't that what we are here for, to grow? Whatever you might believe about God or the Universe one thing is aparent, change. If you are not growing/changing for the better, then you are growing/changing for the worse. Of course this is hard, of course it is. But I look at how my life was 2 years ago or so and I see that I wasn't as "engaged" in my life as I am now. I was foundering a bit somewhat because I could see that something difficult was coming, but I didn't quite know what. Now there are choices to be made and old habits to be stripped away and lessons to be learned. My grandparents were terrific models of economic living. They enjoyed their lives but they were not extreme in what they bought or did. They were able to put money away in stocks and bonds. They saved for retirement and then lived within their means when they retired. They were able to go on several cruises, they owned their own home and they always had a nice car. Now I recognize that things have changed, and that one persons set of possibilities is not the same as another persons. But I can still use my time well. I can sort through our financial system, as I have been doing this morning, and come up with solutions. I have found a couple of solutions this morning that I didn't know were possibilities yesterday. I can read my book on HTML and I can learn Spanish, I am so close. We are looking into the possibility of my husband going to school to get a degree in "Personal Training." That's something that he would be good at. So I have got to learn to let go of my frustrations and acknollege my limited vision of what will happen in the future and work with the possibilities of today.

Thanks to all of you for being such a good support.

~Strawberry Girl

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