Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gotta Write This Down

My little sensitive daughter just came in and told me that she was laying in bed and it suddenly hit her that one day me and my husband would be dead and she would be sad. She was very heartbroken about it, sweetheart.

Dear little thing, I know one day I will be gone. It is an unpredictable thing, so I didn't want to say that I am young, only 29, and would live a long time. What I told her was that I have thought about this very thing. That I have thought about my own grandparents and great grandparents and the things they have done. Then I look at my children and especially at her and I can see a little bit of myself in her. That when she looks in the mirror, a little piece of me will be looking back. She seems satisfied with that. So young to be thinking of so serious a subject. :0)

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Finding Pam said...

I think you said just the right words. Beautiful.