Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grrr. to this body

What do I expect out of it? It is a natural organism, not ordered by thoughts. As thou goeth so will it go. So I have spent too much time glued to the net. Stupid. I need to get out and exercise more.

We did go on a bike ride today, me and S. Roxie was in the bike carrier. Of course that is just not enough exercise to burn off the fat.

Ha!! It sounds so funny to write out my thoughts on this.

I was thinking about what other people think as they go along on their walks. I see all sorts living close to student apartments. They pass every 15 min. or so for the bus. Groups of Chinese or Japanese imaculatly dressed, the girls with their heads pressed together and arms around each other. The men with their measured distance and articulate gestures. Some of the girls dress in the oddest clothes, yet still manage to look neat and well put together. I see clean cut American men striding past. I also see boy's with baggy clothing, and disheveled looks, one riding on a bike the one talking on his cell phone, one chatting with the other on the bike. I see business like girls and regular girls. Girls who are trying to look rich and girls who don't care either way. Those go and sit cross legged on the ground and take out their lunches or their books to read. Then their are the Mexicans on the corner. The mother stands in the doorway, she looks wise. The men are clean cut, the girls are dressed to me slightly outlandish, but they are comfortable with themselves. They talk rapidly, it makes me nervous to pass them as they stand together as a group near their car. Does it signify anything that they are the only group of people outside and I pass house after house of my neighbors who I know from church and I find no sign of anyone. But I do pass some of them on walks with their babies. We say hello and then keep walking. Sometimes I will pass two or three woman with their babies, sometimes I am part of them. In the parking lot of the student apartments I pass as they go, women off to their jobs, women off on a date, women off to the apartment facility gym. All varyously beautiful and put together. I pass men in their little trucks, men on their motorcycles. Men who are disabled set to task to clean up the ever present garbage that flows from the various and asundry people who don't care.

Yes people are interesting, I really think them so. I wish I could listen in on the conversations they hold in their heads. It would be truely a fun occupation. :0)

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