Monday, March 2, 2009

Hold My Hand

I am a living breathing person.

I, like you, want to be accepted.

My inadequacy has been that of not good enough. You finished school, it's not good enough you didn't learn a second language, your computer skills are lacking, aside from that there are so many more of you out there.

The irony is that there is not enough time, if I spent every minute of every day learning the skills that I thought were needed I would still be too late. The jobs would already be gone.

I have talent, I am full of potential. Yet too often there is a struggle, between doing the immediate demanding necessities of life and doing those things that make my heart soar. I am pulled this way and that, the sands are continuing to fall and I cannot stem the tide nor direct the sand to fall where I may want.

My courage is tested, all of the time. I realise that all I have can be taken away and somehow things will work out, somehow. But it breaks my heart to see things that we have worked for, for so long, fall apart. To become by default, the debtors who would not pay, the degenerate nare' do well's of society.

I am facing the wolf at the door, hold my hand, and I will hold yours. We will huddle and gather our forces, we will circle the wagons, face the wolves and move on.


Finding Pam said...

It is hard when you keep trying and keep getting turned down for something you know you can do, but may lack certain skills. Please do not let them get you down.

Hang on and don't let the wolves get to you!

Strawberry Girl said...

Thanks Pam, your a great support.