Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How did you think when you were younger...

These first few were my original answers, kind of diary answers...

How did you think when you were younger (0-12)?
I was afraid of basements and places that were cluttered. (But fascinated as well)
I liked to curl up in my closet either on the floor in the far corner or on the top shelf, when I was afraid or hurt or sad.
I used to have a hiding place for my money or candy
I was always trying to think of ways to make money, when I was 5 I tried to sell “washed potato bugs” around the block.
I was kind of a jealous kid, if my brother had more money than me, it would make me mad and I wouldn’t spend any money until I knew he had spent his or I had earned more money than him. (I did this with Halloween candy too...)
I was really sensitive, I thought that other people were talking about me a lot. If I did hear anything, like my Aunt making a stupid comment or my cousins, it would throw me into crying hysterics, this mostly around the ages of 7-10. (WAY TOO SENSITIVE, YIKES!!) Afterwards, 11+ until about 19, I just thought people were talking about me and did'nt like it. I hated to be kept out of places, I remember the child gate that my Aunt had to keep us out of the hall, I remember the hiding places that my Aunt and mom used to have for their stuff. (Yummy Andes Mints...)
I also liked to climb, I climbed out of my cousins window into a large bush that was by it and down. Plus there was no tree too high...
I hated to be told what to do, esp. when I thought that I should have my own time, like summer. My mom used to sign us up for summer school because she was working, I would always escape with my brother. (Ha beat it summer school ;p)
We also used to run away from our church meetings and wander the halls and find empty class rooms to play around in.
We also used to run away from school, I legitimately had a really good reason not to be there since there were so many mean girls that I wanted to avoid. Of course we (my brother and I) always had to watch out for my Aunt who liked to travel on the main road from her house (which was about a block away from ours) to the school, or to the store. She would catch us and bring us back to school. (I would also rather be studying at home anyway... maybe one day I will tell you about completing all of the work from the math book just to get into a higher class... oh I just did ;p)(<- Hmm, does that make me look like I have a double chin?) I loved excitement The world was so vivid, and I felt sorry for things and animals and people when I thought they were being neglected. Did you play imaginary games?
My brother and I had very vivid imaginations, we thought of the empty lot behind our house as the “Snake Pit,” so named because very soon after moving in and exploring it we found some worms under an abandoned plastic swimming pool and thrilled to think that if there were worms there might be snakes too. There were snakes, but they were harmless garter snakes. We also designated other areas of the lot as “The Sand Dunes,” “Fairy Valley,” “The cat’s grave yard,” and “The domain of the mean old guy (you didn’t cross him, man).”
I used to play games such as “duck, duck, goose,” “red rover, red rover,” etc.
I liked to pretend to be an Indian with my girl cousins, we gave ourselves funny names like “light feather” or “dances with the wind.”

More exciting tidbits about me to come... ;p (I'm sure your all dying to hear them right?)


Clone.Girl. said...

What you described is a way more extreme version of me now. Any time I hear people whispering I think it is about me. I usually catch myself and I'm like, "Ok they are not talking about you, what is there to say? I'm not annoying or rude (most of the time) and blah blah." I don't really compete with my brother though. I do like getting money ($$$), but I have come to learn that there is more to life than a fat wallet. I guess I played some imaginary games when I was little, but never anything cool like yours. I think adults should have kid days where they just act like they did when they were 8. It would be so amusing to see adults playing tag. No one my age (13) even plays tag. What is the world coming to?

Strawberry Girl said...

Yeah, get everyone outside... play a round of red rover, red rover... the world would be a better place.