Monday, March 9, 2009

Learning about the cosmo's

Two of my most favorite classes in school were about Meteorology and Astronomy. Both were absolutly mind expanding and answered a lot of questions about how the world and the universe works. It was amazing to envision the stars in their various sphere's and realms. Different types of galaxies, red giants (stars), white dwarfs (stars), black holes, black matter. The differing moons of Jupiter, what makes up the rings of Saturn. I had a couple of good friends in my Astronomy class who I collaborated with on homework, it was great fun. Our teacher was a really uptight Russian with a thick accent, she would give us these "worksheet packets" to go through the book. However she was using the new version of the book and she had assigned us to buy the old version, so we would pick out all of the errors, reconcile them and bring them to her. It really made us study hard, actually it took forever to do the homework, but we ended up learning a lot. The teacher really liked us because we bothered to do the homework, and we liked popping probing questions at her. I think she used to work at a space agency, she really enjoyed what she was doing. I took Meteorology online it was great learning about air masses, cold front's, warm fronts, inversions and what the meterologists were talking about on the television!! I still have my book from Meterology, I sold back the astronomy book, but bought a couple of other ones at yard sales. (I am way to sentimental, I even have my old accounting text, goofy!! Like I will ever really sit down and read it again, exciting!!).

Anyway, I think I would like to study Astronomy more, it was such a fun topic to think about. :0)

~Strawberry Girl

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John said...

Yeah... I too would like to learn more about cosmology and astronomy.