Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little Wisp of Love

Once upon a time there was a little wisp of love that came off of a mother looking at her new born child. This little wisp knew who she was, she had a way of getting into peoples hearts, just when they needed it the most. She travelled in groups, for more often there than alone were people willing to bring her along. She had a collection of hearts that she kept in that seemingly empty space between people. One day she was out looking for those who would accept her. She saw a father helping his son ride a bike and she got into his eye as he watched his little boy petal. She saw a neighbor shoveling snow and she got into the neighbors eye as she found her car clear. She was passed from person to person as a family gathered for dinner and each told of their day. She met others of her kind as she walked down the street with a young mother who greeted her neighbors with a smile. She fought to be heard over the messages of hate that were freely being passed around in a riot, on the TV, in a school when a young boy fell, in a bar when a group of rowdies started a fight, in the people who just thought they were better than everyone else. At those times she retreated into kind hearts and waited until they reached out and found others who held love in their hearts as well.

She was easily hurt, for her heart was not guarded. She sometimes despaired, when she thought too much of negative things. But she was persistent, and some days she found that there was a lot of love that she could smile at and hug and be with. She touched many hearts, and she grew many times. Until she had linked herself with many others who cared and they linked their arms together and flew over the tops of the mountains and all over the world until they had sent enough caring into each heart that people everywhere were healed and people everywhere started to care about themselves and about others. This little wisp had become the air that we all breath, and didn't have to hide anymore.

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