Friday, March 6, 2009


Two different versions describing the same thing.

Today, the mountains are so beautiful they left me breathless as I decended from the benches, down into the valley bellow. The entire sky is overcast, yet it is light outside. There is a background of white/grey against which the rugged shape of the mountains stand out in stark relief. Snow blankets most of the ground, yet the brave pine can be seen dotting the hill side. The clouds are hung like a shawl, hugging the hills as they move, hanging about halfway down on the slopes. The tallest of the mountains is shrouded in white, distorted from view but hinting at the towering heights. Squaw peak is visible, jutting out from the hillside at an odd angle and you can see further back into the solid snow covered peaks that reach beyond sight.


Stand in magnificent awe as the peaks rise from the frosty ground. Towering above the vast valley bellow. Majestic sentinals shrouded in mists, a painters dream of rocky outcroppings dotted with the tall brave pine that are evident even at a great distance. Wonder at the clouds hugging the mountains, gathering here and there, clustering near the center and obscuring the peaks. Feel the security of these sturdy giants, protecting all beneath from the harsh winds of the dusty plains. All is grey but the mountains, ever changing and beautiful inspire excellence in all that care to view them.

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