Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Notebook Beasties

Well, I have just about had it with clutter!!

This is how it starts... I get a notebook, give it a title "Educational Goals," "Kids Schooling," "Bills we must pay (darn it)," "To Do..." So I have my nice little notebooks all lined up and I will pull one out to work on stuff. Inevitably I will start to write; to do lists, stuff I want to learn how to cook, random books I want to read, song's I want to download, phone numbers, e-mail addresses... on which ever notebook is out until I have 5 or 6 notebooks, all with different purposes, yet all sitting about demanding my attention (why haven't you looked at me, what so great about ol' red notebook that you keep writing on him and not me?) So Right now I am sitting in the midst of 5 notebooks, and they are all annoying me. Along with 3 filing cabinents which are full of something... that all need to be cleaned out. The trouble is, whenever I start to clean out filing cabinents, I attract attention monsters, Roxie and the cats. Roxie will stomp and spread all the papers that I throw in a pile to recycle and the cat's will either sit on top of the papers, fight on the papers, or they will sit on the papers in my lap that I am trying to sort through. Actually Roxie does that as well... "Mommy, mommy..." But it's hard to mad at someone who comes up and gives you great big slobbery kisses, throws her arms around your neck and say's "I luf you." Even if she tears everything out of everything.

Plus I have this other problem, I have a lot of people that are my favorite people. Who I want to visit, but don't, for various reasons; time, guilt (I always feel like I should be giving people something when I visit, especially if they have been sick or laid up),

So I have decided that I need to do two things, visit even if I don't have anything to give them but friendship, and/or write them nice little cards and send them off in the mail. I used to be better at the later, and people really like getting thoughtful cards in the mail...

Well I am going to conquer my notebook beastie problem and get to bed, I hope you are all well. :0)

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