Friday, March 13, 2009

Skating Rink

Our friends invited us out to the skating rink today. So we all went and had a blast. This is the skating rink where I officially "met" my husband, this is the rink that I struggled to walk in as I was pregnant with our youngest and in labor (it was my husbands niece's birthday and I had Roxie the next day). This is also one of the greatest sources of frustration, that I had when I was younger because it was so difficult to do anything when I had all of that brain fog and dizzyness from celiac disease.

I want to describe this experience to you all.

As you're walking in through the big metal doors, you pay at the glass covered booth. The music is pumping, and people are bumping most of them only but youth.

You hand over your shoes and get skates that are used, and you hope that they fit as you try them. Take them out on a run, but it's not so fun cause' the skates are a slipping and sliddin'.

Ouch down on the floor, yet you get up for some more, cause' you only just got there you see. One, two, three, four circle round, then no more cause' your ankles are aching, owie!!

Bring the skates back to the booth, get size five (for the youth?) and hope that they help with your gliding. Then back to the floor, you are back for some more and find that your suddenly striding.

Watch out use the brake, there is no way to fake that you know what your doing. Around and around and around then sit down, cause' your finally tierd of crashing.

As you sit, feel the beat as you sit feel the heat, your feet start itching for more. Jump up from the bench and rush out on the floor,your body feels sweet recognition.

Of spinning, of dodging, of rushing of rocking and dancing with great intuition.
Around and around and around once again, till' you know you can't go any more.

Get off of the floor, your done, there's no more though the music and lights are still flashing. Then give up your skates as you walk through the gates, then go home where you soon will be crashing. :0)

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Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Hi Strawberry Girl!!
So you went back to the skating rink where you met your hunny....who says you can't go home. What a precious memory.....
I want to thank you for all the sweet comments that you make on my post. You are without a doubt one of the sweetest, sincerest and best humored readers that I'm so very honored to have :)
Wising you a weekend filled with much love, joy and laugher and....

Steady On
Reggie Girl