Friday, March 6, 2009

Smoke Rings and Matterings

I have recently been reading some short stories found on this web site:

He's a good author, really insightful and I recommend his work to all you lost souls out there.

In fact I feel inspired to write more. When I get a spare moment I want to see where I can get with my writing.

I also want to explore my thoughts on who should control charitable efforts such as helping the poor and needy and what kind of form the organization of these efforts should take.

I KNOW Your all DYING to hear about this, but I feel strongly that things are heading into a difficult mess of governmental oversight.


I think commities of concerned citizens should take up the matters of feeding and clothing the poor and helping the homeless. Issues should be raised and brought to the general publics attention by honest men and women.

We should work to find way's that people can be more self sufficient, such as working in a communal garden, an issue I have brought up before.

I want to learn more about why Democrats seem to think that the only way of meeting the needs of our countrymen means creating more government programs. I think that taxing people in order to feed the poor etc. is inefficient.

Here are a few of my observations. When you give people food stamps, welfare, "free" health care. Here is what happens. Food stamps, allow you to buy food from designated stores. There are some stores that you can buy really healthy food around here, but there prices higher than the local farms and farmers markets. SO you end up with an inefficiency in that you have to spend your money in a place that charges more for the same goods than if you had earned the money and were free to do with it as you pleased. You don't have an incentive to save, you will be given x amount of dollars every month and it must be used for food. Cutting back to use the money for another purpose is then futile. In the case of health care, you can only see ... doctors on the program, they are generally paid less than they would be on a fair market basis and have little incentive to bring innovative treatments to your attention. There is less of an incentive to take care about what you eat and how much you exercise because there will always be health care. (There are so many inefficiencies and messes in health care that it would take a lot of words to describe them. I don't feel like doing it right now). If the government is in charge of our jobs, you have to pay x amount to ... employee. It sort of distorts the system as well...

Write more on this latter.

~Strawberry Girl

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