Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Soul of Americans

It is a current, running through the viens of every American. The blood of every continent, of every people, an unsettled, current flowing through our veins.

Standing on the edge of the vast unknown territories of an unexplored world stood our forefathers daring to stare into the unknown and to imagine the possibilities, staunch, solid and virtuous. Yet there was also the blood of the unsettled, wild ones, who rebeled at being tamed, they too are America. There was also a cominality, a thirst for change, a thirst for progress and a hatred of tyranny.

Progress, that has been the common theme, keep progressing. The thirst for change has been everywhere, no one has been immune and no facet of the law or the way things are has been left alone, unquestioned. We have questioned all, from the unlawful practice of slavery to the wisdom of those older than us, and in America the young have rulled.

American's we have fought amongst ourselves over the very roots of government and civilization. We have idolized progress and all things that are new. Therefore discarding that which is ancient, even forgeting the people who's blood runs through our veins, making up our individual characteristics and giving us the will to fight.

Progress has led to dormancy, we have ridded ourselves of the annoyance of living. Of standing up everyday, and fighting the elements for our lives. We have become apathetic, locked in our homes, in our rooms, in the buildings where we "work" or go to school, in a strange sort of jail of our own making.

We have lost ourselves in this world of garbage laden streets, with plastic bags blowing in the wind. A symbol of apathy, of progress of who we have become.

Yet the fire has not gone out, the embers of freedom still burn in our breast, from coast to coast our people are waking up and we find ourselves in the strange position of having to learn the old ways in order to free ourselves in the future.

For freedom really, is knowing how to care for yourself. It is waking up each day and fighting time and the elements. Freedom is given only to those who desire it. You have to be awake to know that.

Fight on America!! Fight on world!! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

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