Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you see your possibilities?

I was contemplating the universe on my walk today, again...

I was thinking about what your posture and manner of bearing does for you. It seems that when I feel down, my posture is more downturned and if I make an effort to lift up my posture then I feel better and people respond to me better as well. It is interesting to note the way that people respond differently to different attitudes, and people. There are some people that can look dignified no matter what they are wearing (I am not one of them, not usually. My grandmother was though and I admire her). The difference is in the approach, in how much umph that is showing in your bearing and countanance.

There are different way's to approach almost everything, every situation, every life... For some people self confidence comes easily and naturally, self awareness, spirit. For others its not so easy... and it's not just the way that some people are snobby and self centered where others are nerdy or whatever the case may be. Some people are confindant and kind, some are nerdy and mean.

As for myself, I am a bit of a geek sometimes. Sometimes I get down, down on myself, and I look down on life. But I fight that attitude!!

Lift up your shoulders, look on straight, look people straight in the eye and smile. Listen sincerely and thoughtfully. View yourself as a worthwhile person, its hard sometimes, and sometimes and I have to tell myself to just be. To stop looking at others talents and beauty as somehow diminishing my own. I remind myself to do things just for the sake of doing them, the enjoyment, because I like to do it and refuse to compare with others with the eye of jealousy...

You are someone special!! Whatever you do, put your soul into it and love it. That is a tip that got me through many classes that I didn't start out thinking that I would like. I sometimes tried to read my text books like they were a novel, savoring the words, the thoughts and ideas.

Lift up, lift the world up. I hate it when I get into negative moods, I know that people respond differently to me at those moments, and its usually not good.

Sometimes it is hard to keep the judgements and negativity out of your mind, but when you do it, you can see a lot more of the good in others. Even those that others automatically shun, they can suprise you sometimes...

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