Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wind... blowing out the corners of my soul

It's wild today, it blow's outside my window. "Where have you been, come out and run. You belong to us, we will find our way to you" It dosen't howl, it rushes. It is whistling over the earth, reclaiming the land we think we have tamed.

"Wooosh," does it unsettle your soul? It should. It speaks to those who may listen, it unnerves those who try to ignore it. The windows shake, the screen door rattles. "I hear you, I hear you," I think.

So do my kitties, they are prowling, back and forth. Sniffing the air, sniffing the crack in the door. They need the fresh air as much as they need food and water.

Of all of lifes treasures, the wind, the air belongs to all of us. Each measured breath you take brings in life, each breath you breath releases life. Moving you closer and closer to... the fate of the dinosaurs.

Are they extinct? I say that you are intimantly familiar with them. You breath the same air, drink the same water. Scientists say that air is made up of certain molecules, some of which are of limited quantity and they are never destroyed, only moved about.

The air you breath contains certain molecules that Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Jesus, all breathed. The peacekeepers, then we also breath the same air as Hitler, Ghengas Khan, and all of the other bad folks that have ever lived. Do I believe this assertation? Sure, why not?

Yet I believe that air and water all of life is renewed everyday. Whistle wind, blow about the world, blow out all of the absurdity of creatures who prance upon the surface believing that they own this world.

Even the poorest begger; the man with no roof over his head, no food, no water, can stand out in the wind, spread his arms and the wind will blow about him the same as it blows about anyone.

Breath deeply, air is life, air rushes in to take away the shame, the anger, the depression, blow it out again. Be glad that you are alive.

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