Saturday, March 7, 2009

Writers Craft

Do you think I can join those who have the amazing power of words? To weave in the imagination of your reader a tale, a tale that can thrill, a picture that is made a million times over in the minds of each reader. Touching soul to soul with another person, evoking emotion, inspiring, teaching, conjuring genies, and soaring. Soaring high, high up without the need of wings, nor high powered engines. Soaring to the planets, the vast expanses of the universe. Can I join this club? Is there a way to expand that little spark inside of me that writes, that creates thoughtful little tales. That part of me that has been repressed and abused because of the voice in my head telling me that it is usless to spend your time on this because there is no way that I could earn a living by this trade. I have always written from my soul, it is my soul on display when I paint with my words. Can I be so vulnerable to allow others to view me in my neacked display of writing? To view my imperfections my mispellings and gramatical follies (like this beautiful little folly on display right now). Crafting with words is like crafting in any other medium, but it is a bit more personal. Not everyone who looks at your writing on a shelf, or even what you send them. Not everyone will take the time to give your writing a chance. Your voice could be kept silent on the page as people pass it by, yet there is that chance. Where you could speak from the dead, where you can guide those you will never meet or might never know, "a voice from the dust."

Writers craft, what form can it become for me? Could it be anything more than my impressions of the world, something that I dreamed up? Have I stopped dreaming, I suppose I have. Writers craft, I need to read others works. Their words ignite the fire, their words turn the key. I feel locked up inside, until I read and read again, words from the writers craft.


- A - C - said...

My dear straberry girl.. among the several ways to waste time writing isn't surely in the top positions.
Whether you can make a living out of it can be trickier but there is no way to tell it for sure unless you try, and more than once.
Ultimately though, is has more to do with the drive you feel inside than with readers appreciation.

CathM said...

Strawberry Girl. What I have found to be true is that the craft of writing involves a whole lot of hard work. It is never an ‘end game plan’ and is remains a PROCESS in which one seeks to develop their talent and/or skill as a writer. My 5 top tips would be: (1) You have to READ lots of varied works in different genres as this often exposes your thinking and informs the development of your writing (2) You have to be a keen observer of the world (3) Be willing make loads of mistakes (I am terrible with grammar but I keep trying to improve) (4) Be open to critique (as others often see things you miss) and (5) Be resolute in your determination to WRITE WRITE WRITE. Remember, you are a writer because YOU WRITE!

Strawberry Girl said...

Thank you AC for the encouragement, you are an artist in so many way's.

Cath, I respect you so much, your writing is excellent. The process of learning to write is going to be a fun adventure for me. I think that my holdup has been a lack of courage, and a bit of a lack of time. But I am going to make time for it because it is something that I love.

EcoGrrl said...

remember what glenda the good witch said to dorothy? you've had it all along.