Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Appreciating Art

There is something magical about the arts. A transference of emotion a piece of soul on display.

I have heard some cynical comments made by unappreciative people... in this vein, "my three year old can do that, we should let a bunch of kids loose and then sell it to those idiots who pay a ton of money for junk like that."

Well, that may be true. A piece of art can look random, like paint splattered carelessly across a canvas. Or words strung together to sound nice.

Or that paint could be the anger that the artist felt, and their painting a display of emotion.

A picture could be randomly taken from space, or it could be a piece of beauty that caught someones eye that they want to share with others.

Yes words can be strung together insincerely, or even by a computer. Or they could be something deeply felt, and thoughtfully written in the hope that someone else understands.

A song can be sung by rote, because everyone is singing. Or it can be a deeply felt connection with others. (Like singing the Star Spangled Banner shortly after 9-11).

To connect with others, appreciate a bit of beauty. That is art.

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