Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celiac Disease a Love/Hate Relationship!!

Things I HATE about having Celiac disease...

I feel like an odd duck

I don't get to eat cake!!

(Unless it's Gluten Free - It tastes the same but it's hard to have it available for every function).

People Don't Believe Me - They Think It's In My Head

(Because they haven't heard of it... who's allergic to wheat?)

Reaction to Gluten? or The Flu?

What I LIKE about having Celiac Disease...

Zero Temptation to eat most candy, cakes, rolls, bread. Unless GF, and that's easy to control, cause' it's not always around!! A dieters best friend... :D

(It's not will-power I just hate feeling sick)

Cooking Gluten Free is Easy!! -

Just like mixing up a cake (you just spread out pizza dough, pour bread dough into the bread pan... no kneading - Easy!!)Plus Gluten Free folks have figured out how to make every type of flour based food, GF)

I FEEL GREAT!! (Most of the Time) :D

I found out if I was allergic for $100 dollars through Enterolabs. I was allergic, my son wasn't... I was glad that I found out.

I'm going to add my favorite Gluten Free Bloggers (and web-sites) to my GF cooking blog... (You can find my blog from my profile or from clicking on the apron on the sidebar below).


Clone.Girl. said...

I'm a vegan so most of that stuff is the same for me. Except I don't get sick, but I feel guilty. If I wasn't a vegan I would have never known about all these different allergies people have. I never thought you could be allergic to wheat either, but now I do! It is nice to be different, but it is annoying to have to watch other people eat cake and know that you can't have any. =( =)

Greener Bangalore said...

wow wow yummy yummy...:)

Strawberry Girl said...

I thought you would understand Clone Girl, going Vegan is hard.

Always the food with you Nara... :D