Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday Shoot-Outs ~ Native Foods and Restraunts (really native)

Don't eat out much, so I thought I would share a bit of traditional Native American foods from this area... (Utah)

Rainbow Trout:

Sage Brush:

Wild Onions:

Sego Lilies:

Pine Nuts:

Indian Rice:


Choke Cherries:

Provo River:

Utah Lake:

(The Olive Garden...) ;p (Not the best picture, since I was trying to take a picture of the little puddle of water that had gathered there from the recent rain and snow...) :D


Greener Bangalore said...

Wow all looks quite natural....

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Love, love, love it Berry Girl!!!
What a fantastic job you've done here and your interpretation is wonderful. I am such a fan of natural foods. My own doctor told me that we should all eat more food that looks like it grew right out of our earth or on a tree or bush!! Pine Nuts? A favorite here in our house. Pesto all the way!!
I left you something on my Friday Shoot-Out that made me think of you beautiful girl :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

gigi said...

Looks fun but the Olive garden has my vote. Wish we had one of those in our twon. I've actually ate at your once. It was 3 years ago. fun good times.

J9 said...

Can I get some Indian Rice, and a recipe to go with it? I'd love to try it, and will start looking around!

Strawberry Girl said...

Yeah I know, way cool!! (Indian Rice)

Thanks for your comments :D

(I learned about Indian rice by reading the history of the Shoshone peoples of lower Idaho and upper Utah, they gathered it along with other indigeonous foods, often only getting enough for one meal). Interesting stuff eh?

Gordon said...

I've caught fish out of the Provo River. As I recall from my BYU days, Utah Lake was where they held the Submarine Races. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's just as well. Your blog is bold and enjoyable. Your food post was the most original and refreshing. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for joining us. Gordon

GigiSxm said...

love your interpretation of the theme