Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Ramblings

Today has been glorious!! What is it about the cold that makes everything seem bleak, outlooks as well as health? Speaking from my own perspective, I find that my mind can get very messy and I can't concentrate when there is no sun about. Plus it's the air, whatever it is that the sun releases from the earth travels about enlivening the scents, renewing the spirit. Ahhh, I am so in love with it all.

Today the air has been kissed with spring and I have been travelling around getting things done, except my car is still a mess and so is my house and I am going to go insane if I don't get some cleaning done... but i've got to go coach my daughters volleyball team (Sam's supposed to do it but he keeps flaking out, doing other stuff, same thing happened with my sons t-ball team. Imagine me trying to coach a buch of 5 year old boys... they just ignored me and did whatever they wanted to most of the time, yeesh!!)

Lil. sis said something funny on Sunday, forgot to write about it. We were talking generally of Obama's visit to the UK. Lil. sis pipes up "yeah they dress funny over there, the guy's walk around with monicles and bowler hats and tweed jackets too." We all laughed at that... wonder how many do wear monicles and bowler hats... maybe just as many as wear cowboy boots and hats over here (though I do see quite a few cowboys... including my Uncle Mo, love Uncle Mo... he's my dad's only brother. Own's a bar up on state street Callies Cafe and Mo's bar... funny thing is that they built a church right across the street from his house!! LOL.)

Anyway, nough' rambling. ;p


Renee said...

Good morning dear friend.

I love the new profile picture. And by the way you never have to tell me anything witty in your comments, just tell me the two year old is sitting on your lap and I think that is wonderful. It reminds me when my granddaughter who will be 2 on June 1st sits on my knee. Adorable.


Renee said...

Annie I hope limbo is well behind you now.

Is m/c miscarriages?

You are too young, and too beautiful, and too smart to be stuck in the land of the limbo.

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

11 I am in shock. I'm so sorry.

You have really beautiful children. Really gorgeous.

I wish you stability in the relationship that you have.

Work and job loss is difficult on a family. I understand that too.

Please have the best kind of day to day and a really happy easter with the people you love the most around you.

Love Renee xoxo