Monday, April 27, 2009

Sprouted Millet (re-newed Intrest)

I was reading my friend Nara's blog (In Search of a Greener Tomorrow) and he linked with a girl who cooked traditional Indian foods (which is of interest to me). :D

She described how they use sprouted millet as a baby food over there, a porridge and a generally healing type of food.

Of course being the ever inquisitive (and always willing to try) health nut that I am I broke open my sack of Organic millet to try this out. First I scooped about 3 cups of it into a big bowl and let it soak for a while. Finding that it was fermenting oddly I spread it out in my tray sprouter to see if I could revive it. Nope, I ended up with stinky moldy millet (with a few sprouts). So I thought I did it wrong and put a thin layer in each tray (of new millet) and have been rinsing this every day. Again, I am faced with trays of stinky millet (with a few hairy and a couple of suspicious red ones) to deal with.

So as usual, (having failed at my experiment) I went online to find out how to do it. (I know I should have saved myself some time and looked it up in the first place, but I'm impetuous).

So the down-low info. on sprouting millet is that you need un-hulled millet (I definitely have hulled). But I did find quite a bit of interesting information on millet. It is believed to help those with ulcers, stomach conditions, and helps rebuild connective tissues and ease arthritis pain. It is a very healthy, very tasty grain!! As soon as I have some money, I'm going to order it off of the internet unhulled (organic and all ya' know). :D

Here's a link to a web-site about the health benefits of millet, as well as info on sprouting it.

(That reminds me... I need to look up information on Kombucha tea and how to care for your SCOBY, before my friend graciously gives me another one. Since i've been inadvertently killing them off, *grins guiltily*).

OH Yeah, and Wahoo!! A raw food store has opened up about 3 blocks away. They have the best food and even classes!! (Though I am definitely not a whole hearted "raw foodist", I do enjoy the health benefits of such food and would like to know how to prepare it better). :D


Gordon said...

A friend gave me a scoby about two months ago. I put it in some tea and left it in my closet (dark) to brew. I forgot it, and now the scoby is about three inches thick. Pretty soon it will be the scoby that ate Chicago....err...St. Augustine. The drink tastss like pure vinegar now. Oh well, I guess I'll start again. I do have plenty of Scoby, though. Gordon

Strawberry Girl said...

LOL, the tea's good... so's the Scoby. I need to get mine and stick it in a closet a while.

(Probably better, cause of all that vinegar ;p)

Star said...

I've only every given millet to my pet budgerigar, Strawberry Girl. He seemed to like it, but I've never tried it myself. I think there are other foods I would prefer to eat, Cous Cous for instance.
Blessings, Star

Strawberry Girl said...

Cous cous is a wheat product... so I have to get along with Millet. Don't knock it till you try it though, it is used as a staple in Africa, India, and even China (thought it was rice there didn't you). I like the flavor and it really improves my Gluten Free bread (over rice bread). :D

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I eat Sprouted Millet and we love it!! People don't know what their missing do they Strawberry Girl??

Steady On
Reggie Girl