Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swimming... on the Floor?

One beautiful summers day, when I was about 8 and Daniel 7, my parents left my brother and I in charge of watching ourselves. Now I am not sure if this was while they were at work, or if it was a date they had gone on, either way we were at home alone. I believe that they had taken my Brother Jonathan up to my grandparents house because I don't remember him being there.

Somehow or other, my brother and I decided that we would like to go swimming. Having no swimming pool, we looked about for something, something... ah yes, the kitchen sink. It was a very deep sink... so we filled it up and hopped in. As water started sloshing over the sides, some kind of deep imagination took over, whether it was Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery day, I know not. So we let the water run over the side of the sink and onto the slick linoleum floor. We moved the chairs out of the way and started slipping back and forth on our little tummies, even blocking off the heater vent with some towels. We had a good 1-2 inches of water on the floor, it was so much fun!!

Then our parents came home. They asked for an explanation, did we have any for them? Nope. I just hope my own kids never think of it. ;p


Michelle said... imaginative

My sister and I had hours of fun playing with a magnetic board and marbles....the marbles were people:)


Clone.Girl. said...

My brother and I used to do stuff like that, but it didn't last very long. We would play a game for about 30 minutes and then he started to cheat or annoy me in some other way so I wouldn't play with him any more.