Friday, May 1, 2009

The Birthplace of Galaxies

Standing on the edge of a black hole, I look down, contemplating it.

I feel its draw, the grasp of unimaginable gravity.

Looking around, I see nothing, time has come to a stand still.

So I burst my indecision into a million pieces, shattering the stained glass.

Headlong into the center of the pit, letting it carry me as the darkness swirls around me.

All of my preconceived notions fall away and I am left staring at the essence of my soul.

Staring at something that was lost, inhibited by all of the views seen through others eyes.

and I realise that this hole is not endless, nor is it even as dim as I thought.

No a clear breathtaking shining black.

I have been falling, falling, falling down? or Up? I know not.

Suddenly I find myself bursting forth from the bands which have bound me. Leaping, leaping towards a future that I know not of.

As I am kneeling on a meteor, readying myself for another burst, I am suddenly struck down.

Grasping for the meaning of it all I look around to find that tentacles of hope are reaching towards me out of a friendly cloud.

Showing me that there are places and possibilities that I have never even imagined.

As the rays of sunlight burst forth in a magnificent display I realise that I am actually in a place of new birth, the birth of galaxies, of new stars.

Sudden joy fills my heart, oh the possibilities of letting go!! Of reveling in the joy of creation with a friend who would create new possibilities as well.

The joy of fighting what seemed like a losing battle, reassured that it matters that I do so.

Instead of gravity, the power of the black hole becomes an anchor. I fly with the wings of hope towards dreams that I had never dared to dream.

I am glad that I jumped, it was scary to take the chance. But worth it to have decided to live.


Michelle said...


Totally worth it


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Did you write that my lovely????
That is inspiring and so thought provoking Strawberry Girl. You should soooo send in some of your words for publication. I'm just sayin........
Have an EXTREME weekend and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Renee said...

It is always worth it to decide to live Annie.



zorlone said...

Nothing like witnessing the birth a galaxies.

Cheers Strawberry Girl! This is a very cool poem.