Monday, May 11, 2009

Brought Roxie to the doctors...

Poor little thing has a real nasty ear infection... plus she had a waxy scabby thing in the other ear (the doctor cleared it out to peer in, and it started bleeding a lot, scared the heck out of me until we figured out that there was a little owie in there). She had already claimed a princess bandaid for the uh... owie on her knee. Plus a ring on the filing cabinent, and the doctor just couldn't help giving her a coloring book and a box of crayons. Dr. Clayton Jr. that is, his dad has been my pediatrician since I was a little baby. He is so soft spoken and has such a way with kids... and his son is the same way. Looks a lot like him and sounds much the same as his dad. As we walked out of the room Dr. Clayton Sr. was there, he gave me a big hug (always cares for the mom) then bade us come into the office were he has a drawer full of fluffy toy's. He found her a little lion (which he said had been crying for a hug) awww. these guys are so sappy sweet!! Roxie snuggled her toys as we walked home (the office is just across the river).

I have pictures but don't feel like uploading right now... :D

(I am so tired!!)


Kelsey K said...

Isn't his son a lot like him? I noticed that when I went a few weeks back.

Sunny said...

Poor Roxie. I hope she gets feeling better soon.