Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disorder, Chaos, Serenity :D

Hmmm, still cleaning!!

It'll be just like we moved and washed everything, wahoo!!

I'm gonna make the kids scrub the walls and take a Mr. Clean Magic eraser to the crayon left by my budding artist Roxie. ;p

After that I can redecorate, not really had a chance to do that in this apartment. I'm sort of rearranging my room right now. I have an idea of how I want it to look, I kind of like the open, no bed look, because I don't have another creative space, but I am sure my daughter would like me out of her room... :D

I want a bed with open slats that the mattress sits on I saw one up at IKEA, but its out of our budget range... so it's on the list. I think that will keep the Bed Bugs out, because they like hiding out in box springs (my kids beds were all replaced last year for the same reason and they have not gotten reinfested).

The exterminator was supposed to come this morning, but apparently there was a mix up and he's coming tomorrow. Lucky for me ;p because I didn't get everything washed dried and vacuumed yet (can ya blame me?) So I was frantically trying to get at the last little bit of stuff (actually I would like to dig into Angies room, oi!!), when I realized that the exterminator hadn't come yet. So I called them up and they had me down for tomorrow, well, I have a lot of stuff to get done besides for all of this so they better come (grrr.) ;D

It will feel lovely to get everything cleaned, put away, rearranged. Plus when I get my new bed it will be lovely to sleep in a bed, bug free bed, (in my own room). :D

Sometimes its nice to have stuff like this happen, because all the old feelings and junk gets cleared away as well.

Hope your all having a lovely day.



Michelle said...

Yes, it always feels like a fresh start after a spring clean doesn't it.


david mcmahon said...

The good thing about spring cleaning is that it can be done in any season!

Our winter starts in a couple of days - no, seriously!

Thanks very much for the visit and the kind comment.